MWIS at Snöå Bruk December 28, 2021 – January 4, 2022

Welcome to Music Week at Snöå Bruk outside Dala Järna.

The Swedish restrictions have been removed for those who are fully vaccinated, and we believe the winter week is doable again, as was the case in the summer. Many things will be the same as in previous years and some will have to be reinvented. Rehearsals may be held in a bigger room than our little house since we will still need some distance between the singers. Our own Covid-committee will handle Covid-related questions and information.

We ask everyone to take a covid test in the days before the start of the week. If this should be positive, it is of course OK to cancel the week for free. Friends coming from the UK or other countries are responsible for adhering to their own Covid protocols, and issues concerning Brexit.

If you are a skilled choral singer, a good sight-reader and able to work at a fast tempo, you are welcome to participate. The week starts on Tuesday December 28th at 5 pm with dinner. We will begin rehearsing that same evening. The week ends after breakfast on Jan. 4.

Richard Cooke will be leading the choir as always and Richard Pearce will be the pianist and organist.

The programme this year will be:

We will work with this music during the week with a concert in Dala Järna church on January 3rd. In addition to the singing, the activities also include soirées and night cafés where we socialize and entertain ourselves with different performances each night.

On New Year’s Eve we have a big celebration party.

The accommodation is still in rooms of varying sizes with two, three or four beds but also bigger than that. The two-bed rooms are limited and come with an extra cost of SEK 400 per person. You need to apply specifically for one of those in the registration form if you are interested. Students and youth, who this year pay a lower fee than before, may be placed in new large rooms, with 10 or 6 beds.

*If you bring any of the music yourselves please indicate in the registration form and the cost will be reduced pro rata.

The fees cover lodging (including bed linen and towels) and full board, including the New Year party and after-concert dinner. Drinks are not included. NB: Snöå has asked us not to bring our own bed linen and towels this year as a Covid precaution.

Singing coach Mattias Svensson will return this year. Mattias will be singing in the choir, and in his spare time give 30-minute singing lessons to those who wish. You can decide on what to focus, such as support, endurance, tone, volume etc. The cost is SEK 200 per 30 minutes, payed directly to Mattias at the week. He would like to have an indication of how many it may be. When you sign up, please write this in the field for messages.

Please register via the web form by November 15th. NOTE: Please do NOT pay for the week until you receive instructions from us.
IBAN: SE52 9500 0099 6034 1834 8334

If you have to cancel, please do so as early as possible via e-mail and make sure that you get an acknowledgement!

More information will be sent in December to the e-mail address you have stated in the registration form.

Welcome to the Music Week!

The Board of Music Weeks in Sweden:
Lena, Lena, Ida, Catrin, Kajsa & Ulf