Music Weeks in Sweden at Fridhems Folkhögskola in Svalöv July 24-31 2022

Information about the week

If you are a good choral singer, experienced in reading music and able to work at a fast pace, then you are most welcome to participate.

The week starts with dinner at 17.00 on Sunday July 24. The first choral rehearsal takes place at 19.00 that same evening. The week ends on July 31 after breakfast.

Richard Cooke will conduct the choir, as always, and Richard Pearce will be our pianist and organist.

This year’s repertoire:

The programme will be rehearsed during the week and will be performed in Lund Cathedral on Saturday July 30 at 5 PM.

In addition to practising the concert programme, the activities include soirées and the night café where we socialise and entertain each other with different performances each day, ending with an informal party. On Wednesday there will be a barbecue party, and there will be a final dinner after the Saturday concert - usually followed by live dance music.

Children and youth

Any children that wish to and are capable of singing in the Main Choir are of course welcome and encouraged to do so. For other children, babysitting, singing, drama and choir will be arranged, enabling parents to participate in the Main Choir rehearsals:
These activities are open for children aged 4 years and older. For any children under 4 years, parents are asked to make their own baby-sitting arrangements. The upper age limit is set for children of 13-14 years (ending Swedish school year 7, or equivalent, in spring/summer 2022). Children older than this are expected to sing in the Main Choir.
The youth choir welcomes singers that are 10-14 years old. The music will be 2-part for soprano and alto.
Boys who have passed the voice-breaking stage may join the Main Choir in the tenor or bass parts respectively.
The youth choir (S/A) is led by Julia Eriksson, the theatre leaders are Linn Emilsson and Leo Matthis-Dickson, and the rhythmic leader is Lena Westling. Emma Lundquist, Tora Kaijser and David Wellmar will be baby-sitters.

Accomodation and prices

The accommodation at Fridhem consists of single rooms, double rooms and family rooms.


The fees include lodging and full board, including the barbecue evening and party after the concert. Drinks (alcoholic) are not included.

Sheets and towels can be hired for an extra fee (SEK 120). Please mark this in the application form, and note that they are not included in the fees for the Week.

There is also a cost for sheet music of SEK 200, which shall be paid with the fee for the whole week. If you already have some of the music and wish to use those, please indicate which music you will bring when you sign up, and we will deduct the corresponding amount.

Singing lessons

Following the initiative in recent weeks, we will again offer voluntary singing lessons. The singing teacher will be Mattias Svensson. He will offer 30-minute lessons outside of normal rehearsal hours. You can discuss with him any aspect of technique on which you may wish to focus. The cost will be SEK 200 per 30-minute session, paid directly to your teacher at the Week. Please indicate your wishes in the Registration Form when you sign up.

Extra economic support

Three cancelled weeks and a smaller summer week of 2021 have put a dent in our economic buffer. To avoid risking the MWIS economy, we are kindly asking for some extra support from members who can offer such a contribution without any problem. See the registration form!


Please register via the web form no later than June 1 and earlier if you can. Please pay your fee before June 30 and don’t forget to indicate who the payment is for!

Payment to be sent to : IBAN: SE52 9500 0099 6034 1834 8334 BIC: NDEASESS

If you need to cancel, please do that as early as you possibly can via e-mail and make sure that you get an acknowledgement. Please note: non-payment is not accepted as a cancellation!

More information will be sent out beginning of July to the e-mail address you have provided.

Welcome to the Music Week!

The Board of Music Weeks in Sweden